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Top American websites

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Top American websites
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List of Top 10 American websites

Well this list is really very interesting. With Americans loving diversion, each of these websites is from different model and none contrast each other. The list contains websites such as world’s largest search engine (which is too obvious), web portals, social networking sites, software companies and e commerce sites.

With each year, the Internet being perpetuated with websites of various sizes features and functions and American has been a Marker in this.

So eager to know who’s at number one? Not this easily!  Hold on your patience. We will start with number 10.

10. Microsoft.com

Monthly audience: 61,981,128

Year founded: 1975

Revenue size: $69.9 billion

Microsoft’s website traffic does not include visits to content sites rather it controls traffics such as the MSN portal, MSNBC news site or the Bing search engine. The huge numbers of visitors are visiting the world’s largest software company. Microsoft’s site prime purposes are to sell, download and support its most widely used software products – Windows and all its business suite of tools.

9. WordPress.com

 Monthly audience: 63,933,088

Year founded: 2003

Revenue size: $10 million

Yes! Yes! You must know very well. WordPress has two sites- WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The interesting fact is that Word press.org is not listed in the traffic of WordPress.com. Wonder!   WordPress.org is a landing where millions of bloggers download basic open source software which they use to create and maintain their own content management whereas WordrdPress.com is the spectrum that can be used to post information and design their blogs

8. Wikipedia.org

Year founded: 2001

Monthly audience: 77,354,504

Revenue: $20 million

This has to be in the list. Wikipedia is operated by the nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation. It’s an open source encyclopedia written in different languages. The number of posts and articles created for this site is too huge.  You can search and find about anything on Wikipedia. 3.9 million Articles are there only in the English version. It is the most famous resource site with both quantity and quality articles.

7. MSN

Monthly audience: 78,095,128

Year founded: 1995

Revenue: $2.5 billion

The portal model is based on providing millions of visitor’s access to a large range of content which includes all subjects from national magazines, newspapers, radio and television. The News posted at their portals is the most visited content, and so is content about sports and entertainment They earn their maximum revenue from advertising. Premium news and entertainment content have recently become a large part of the site attracting more viewers now.

6. Twitter

 Monthly audience: 90,790,080

Year founded: 2006

Revenue: $140 million

Twitter is described alternatively as a “micro blog” and as a “social network.” With over more than 300 million users, they can post a message which is called “tweet”.  It is a social network to the extent that it allows users to exchange details about their lives, plans and interests, happenings, anything and everything they would like to share. They problem twitter faces are its limited post. But that cannot put twitter down. The best thing about twitter is that you can follow anybody be it your favorite star or a business tycoon.

5. Yahoo!

Monthly audience: 94,840,280

Year founded: 1995

Revenue: $5 billion

Yahoo! has been at the circles of a number of controversies since times. . It rejected a rich bid by Microsoft in 2008, changed three CEOs in the consecutive four years, and executed a series of layoffs. Recently, a substantial portion of its board of directors resigned. Don’t be disheartend.Your favorite Yahoo is yet the remarkable. Still driving a large size of traffic and continues to be profitable, despite a lack of revenue growth.

4. Amazon.com

Monthly audience: 99,374,352

Year founded: 1994

Revenue: $48 billion

Amazon.com is the primary website for the world’s largest e-commerce company. It is the oldest e-commerce company of the world.  It is an online megastore with an immensely diversified economy. It sells nearly anything. No doubt it has set a revolutionary mark in the business since ages. It sells   electronic books, which barely existed five years ago, e-reader business, which Amazon pioneered with the 2007 introduction of the Kindle, online video-on-demand business. Amazon gives a great competition to Apple as well.

3. Facebook

Monthly audience: 149,488,208

Year founded: 2004

Revenue: $3.7 billion

The name which is famous with each Child, Youngster or Adult today is the world’s largest social networking site with nearly two billion users, having an IPO of $100 million. It’s not even ten years old but the meteoric rise of the business is largely due to how it altered people’s use the Internet. It has revolutionized the passive Internet. Facebook helped the Internet evolve into a two-way interpersonal medium on which people voluntarily offer a great deal of their personal information to interact with friends, family and business associates making is largest portal for social human interaction.

2. YouTube

Monthly audience: 159,975,920

Year founded: 2005

Revenue: $1.6 billion

YouTube is the largest video site in the world. Telling you the sheer statistics, 18.6 billion videos were viewed at this January nationwide. The average number of minutes per viewer was 448 minutes in January, compared to 57 minutes on Yahoo and 22 minutes on Facebook. YouTube is the only site on this list that could not have existed before the advent of the broadband engaging allowing the transfer of large amounts of data online.

1. Google

Monthly audience: 185,167,472

Year founded: 1998

Revenue: $37.5 billion

This has to be its place! Infact its dominance goes much beyond that. It is the largest search engine in the world. The world follows google. Anyone can get the complete resources, information, Audio’s, videos anything that they would like to know, google is the solution!

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